According to the Sun-Sentinal, which is not, as I was surprised to learn, Mercury's planetary daily paper devoted to all things solar, Spirit Airlines isn't happy about earning a trip to the Sweet Sixteen in the Consumerist's Worst Company in America tournament. How not happy? Spirit spokespeople are denying that the company is even, like, an actual competitor.

Misty Pinson, a spokesperson for Spirit, assured the Sun-Sentinal that the airline's triumph over Delta wasn't a reflection of Spirit's general awfulness because none of the voters probably even flew Spirit. "Must not be our customers voting in this tournament. Our customers vote with their feet and our flights are full." However dexterous with their toes Spirit's passengers may be, a jaunty trip to (which you too can find merely by typing "spirit airlines bad" into Google) reveals that scores of alleged Spirit passengers most definitely did not enjoy an awesome flying experience, and complaints of hidden fees, surly flight attendents, and terrifying orangutan passengers that could throw peanuts with their feet abound. Even so, it looks like Ticketmaster is going to have a clear path to the Elite Eight.

Maybe, instead of denying the fact that they've made it this far, Spirit officials should be prepping their employees on how to be more awful for the company's upcoming poop-hurling competition with Ticketmaster. I mean, Spirit is totally missing the spirit of bracket season and instead of being grateful for the opportunity to compete like Handjob in the Back of the Bus certainly is, Spirit is trying to throw in the towel, which should prove that, whether or not it's the worst company, it certainly has the worst sense of humor.

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