Spencer Pratt Wants To Solve Your Problems

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  • Spencer Pratt is getting an advice column in Radar. "Yo Spencer!" will debut in the April issue; the idea is so dumb it's genius. [USA Today]
  • The Beckhams went shopping at the Pleasure Chest adult store in Hollywood and stocked up on supplies. "They seemed to know exactly what they wanted," a witness says. What do you think was on their list? Vibes? Lube? The purple penetrator? [The Sun]
  • Watch Britney's new anime video! [People]
  • "It pains me to report that on the first day of the shoot, Britney knew her lines better than I knew mine," How I Met Your Mother actor Josh Radnor says. "She's been great to work with." [People]
  • The CW network is developing a contemporary spinoff of Beverly Hills, 90210. Maybe think of it as a mashup of The OC and Gossip Girl. [The Hollywood Reporter]
  • Nicky Hilton says: "There's no truth to any starvation, eating disorders rumors. I think the press has been printing a lot of pictures of me from unflattering angles. My friends see the pictures and they're like, 'Oh my god are you OK?' And then they see me, and they're like 'Oh...' It's really not that interesting or true." [MSNBC]
  • Amy Winehouse's father says the fact that he had an mistress when Amy was young is partly to blame for her troubled life — he had a "work wife" while he was still married to Amy's mom. Sigh. [The Sun]
  • Is Rachael Ray's syndicated show going off the air? The ratings suck. She'd still have her Food Network shows, though. Unfortch. [Page Six]
  • Anne Hathaway: Into absinthe. [Page Six]
  • Top Chef host Padma Lakshmi and actor Skeet Ulrich? Hot. [Page Six]
  • Three blind items! 1. "Which friendly actor recently fell off the wagon? Though he's been in rehab several times, he was spotted stumbling out of a Hollywood hotel at 7 a.m. looking totally 'wasted.'" 2. "Which young soap starlet made networks execs extremely nervous when she was starting out? She was known for fooling around with her much older producers." 3. "Which Hollywood hunk cheats on his gorgeous model girlfriend all the time? They've been together for a while but he's clearly not ready to settle down." [Page Six]
  • Is Paul Newman OK? He's having back problems. Be well! [Rush & Molloy]
  • Melissa Joan Hart popped! The actress and her hubs welcomed their second child, a son, on Wednesday. Welcome to the world, Braydon Hart Wilkerson. [People]
  • The final Harry Potter book will become two movies; the first is due in November 2010 and the second in May of 2011. [ET]
  • Paul McCartney is appearing in ads for PETA — the organization that dumped his estranged wife Heather Mills last year. [Mirror]
  • Speaking of Sir Paul — the judge should be ruling on his divorce — and deciding how much cash Heather will get — on Monday. [Yahoo News]
  • China's Culture Ministry says it will tighten controls over foreign artists after Björk shouted "Tibet! Tibet!" at a recent concert in Shanghai. China forbids artists from performing content that "harms national unity." [Reuters]
  • Patrick Swayze's mom on her son's cancer: "He just doesn't deserve it. He's got such a big heart. He's been such a good and generous and thoughtful person. It breaks my heart to know he's suffering." [Perez Hilton]

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A Small Turnip

@marin79: I loved that feeling of sharing exactly the same thing with millions of people that weekend. I did the lazy person's thing: ordered that bad boy off of Amazon, and waited impatiently in the kitchen for it to arrive, tapping my teacup distractedly.

When it did ka-thunk through the mail slot, I scampered off to Regent's Park here in London, and it was the same thing that you experienced - everyone carting the same brick under our arms, nodding the Nod of Reading Fellowship. It was awesome. I felt like a Mason.

Only, I just sat there on the grass for the longest time, holding the book in my lap, unopened. It took me about half an hour to convince myself to dive in. I just felt so simultaneously elated and sad that this would be the last time I'd start a new Harry Potter book. I'd waited so long for the answers to the story, and now that I had them, literally in my hands, I almost couldn't bear to find out. Weird, huh?

And I absolutely fucking lost it when Dobby died. I wasn't just a bit sniffly, I was full-on howling. Like, ugly, swollen-nosed, hiccupping, ten-tissue crying.

Oh man, that was so great. I love a crying good time.