Spencer & Heidi's Wedding Date: Emotional Highs, Sex, Death And Beheadings

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The rumor on the internets is that Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag will get married June 1, 2008. What does this date mean? Well, according to Wikipedia, on June 1, 1533, Anne Boleyn was crowned queen. That turned out well! In 1857, Charles Baudelaire's Fleurs Du Mal, poems with themes of sex and death, were first published. It's also Morgan Freeman's birthday and the day of Saint Ronan, whose wife denounced him as a werewolf. Uh, enlightening! What about numerology? The Psychics & Mediums Network declares June 1, 2008 as an "8" day. It's not exactly wedding-oriented, but we like what they have to say about an 8 life path anyway:

The route for the bold and materialists. You have come to this life to deal with the notions of power, social recognition, material and financial achievement.

The Life Path 8 does not say whether you will have or have not got power. It simply indicates that these notions will mark your life a lot, actively or reactively. You will be confronted by authority, financial gains, important material accomplishments, brilliant successes but probably also losses, bad failures and even accidents... It is, therefore, a powerful but unstable path.

Not satisfied with this, we headed over to Facade.com, where we plugged in Heidi's birthday and the date June 1, 2008. Good news! Heidi will experience an emotional high that day! Bad news: she will also experience a physical low (mwahaha!). We want to do a biorhythm compatibility chart for the lovebirds, but we scoured the internet and prodded our friends at celeb weeklies and can't find out when Spencer Pratt's birthday is. Very suspicious. Is it a conspiracy? When was this guy born? If anyone knows, please share.

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No matter how hard I try, I still don't understand why all these kids on "The Hills" are getting engaged before the age of 22. Whether the engagements are real or fake, it's all "Boy Meets World" and "One Tree Hill" up in here. Geez people! If you want to be loved that badly, get a puppy!

If JustinBobby pulls out a ring I'll know to look for the swarms of locusts.