Spencer Finds Jesus In The Jungle

After threatening numerous times, Mr. and Mrs. Pratt finally walked off I'm a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here! (Or did they?) But not before Spencer was "born again" by being baptized by Stephen Baldwin.

Apparently, Heidi is a very religious person, saying that money and material possessions are only "of this world" and she strives to be like Mother Teresa "helping the poor and the hungry"...despite the fact that she kept wanting to quit the show instead of earn money for her charity Feed the Children. Heidi has been urging Spencer to get baptized for the past few years. She recently taught him how to pray, and in his first prayer, he asked God to set him up on a double date with Miley Cyrus — and then God did so within a month.


Spencer claimed that he and Heidi are "the most famous people in the world," and walked off the show. However, the New York Daily News reports that the couple as returned to the jungle, and as of Wednesday morning, they are still a part of the show. The paparazzi-savvy couple even planted decoys to throw people off: "Pratt's sister Stephanie and his friend Spenser were photographed hiding under blankets at L.A.'s LAX airport Tuesday night."

Spencer and Heidi Pratt return to 'I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here!' [NY Daily News]


This is just a big ball o' wrong. My own personal hell would be being stuck on an elevator with Heidi, Spencer and Stephen Baldwin.