Spencer Didn't Think He'd Pass Psych Test For I'm A Celebrity

On last night's I'm a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!, Heidi and Spencer returned — again. They pled "insanity," and begged to be allowed back on the show. However, this time, the cast had to vote on the matter.

Because the pair quit before the first public vote, the producers added a new cast member: Daniel Baldwin. During the live show last night, the cast were asked if they wanted Mr. and Mrs. Pratt to return, and while their official decision was not shown, it seemed like only three out of 10 people were willing to say yes.


In an interview, Spencer and Heidi said that they have a totally new attitude about the jungle, and that they had gone "insane" their first few days there. Spencer did not think that he would pass the show's 600 question psych test, but apparently, he did.


Motorized Mega-Satan

And first I loathed them, but I think that Spencer has figured out how to play the entertainment and gossip media like a second-hand fiddle; people cannot or will not stop writing about them. I think he's a secret genius. Or a savant. And I'm starting to really respect him for it.

They're like the living embodiment of the vapid and shallow media that TMZ and its ilk represents. All image and very little content. Think about it.

(Conversely, this just might be a celebrity version of Stockholm Syndrome because him and his large-chinned wife are always on my fucking Internets.)