Last night's premiere of I'm a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here! was all about the Pratts. In the first 24 hours of living in the jungle, they quit and rejoined the group twice. Interestingly, without the heavy-handed editing of The Hills, we get to see the real Spencer.

But the real Spencer was revealed to be the asshole he always was; he's just is cognizant of that fact, and he says he does it on purpose to further his "brand." He explains here that when he apologized to Lauren Conrad on The Hills, he was lying.


Heidi broke down over a bottle of dry shampoo.

And she also was worried about not getting enough sex.


The pair walked off twice and returned both times, but it was reported that after last night's live challenge broadcast, they quit again for good. Maybe.

Heidi and Spencer — Quitters [TMZ]