Speed Dating Event for Skinny Women Only Sounds Terrible

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Are you a dude who is desperate enough to try speed dating but not desperate enough to try dating someone who doesn't fit with your mental image of the skinny woman you totally deserve? Then keep your eyes peeled for the next speed dating event that only allows women from size 0 to 8.


Last night, a NYC bar hosted a speed dating event with a totally unique twist: thin women only! But lest you dismiss event attendees as a bunch of looks-obsessed losers with an entitlement complex, the event page explains that people like what they like, and there's nothing wrong with preferring certain physical traits in a mate.

Fair enough. After all, there are already speed dating events for larger women, or for senior citizens, or for people of color. But the event gets a little gross with their label-checking requirement. Per the event's page,

According to the National Center for Health Statistics, the average clothing size for adult women in the United States is a 14, making our upcoming "Skinny Minny" night for svelte women size 0-8 anything but average. Guys, no need to worry about meeting a biggie-size chick "down-sizing" to an 8 like when you're dating on-line. We'll be checking labels at the door!


There are apparently no standards for the men who wished to attend, which seems unfair. There should have at least been a pair of gloved professionals armed with a ruler to make sure that dick girth of attendees was sufficient to adequately pleasure the ladies in attendance. Perhaps a height requirement, or a bench press requirement. A speed-dating event for men who can dead lift at least the average weight of the women in attendance. Something!


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Perhaps someone can sponsor an equitable event for women, in which all men in attendance have to measure 8-12.