• Special baby blankets promise to help parents swaddle their little ones, a sometimes daunting process of wrapping infants snugly to calm them while sleeping that might prevent SIDS. • A Taiwanese study found that pregnant women listening to various types of music (including lullabies and classical music) at a tempo of 60 to 80 beats a minute experienced less stress and anxiety. • A recent study of 194 pregnant smokers found that nicotine gum may not make pregnant women quit smoking but it will reduce their amount of daily cigarettes. • Lisa Kokin makes art out of buttons and other random things you have floating around in your junk drawer. •• A park ranger in Kenya has "adopted" a 2-year-old rhino named Max whom he protects from poachers in the park and horny older female rhinos looking for a mate. • Many Iraqi women fear openly running as a candidate for elections in Iraq (where there is a 25% quota for women in office) due to violence from the fundamentalist insurgency. • What ever happened to Ilan Mitchell-Smith from Weird Science? He became an English professor at Angelo State University in Texas, where he focuses on medieval literature and gender studies. • New research shows that children who are aggressive at a young age and/or exposed to a harsh parenting style are more likely to become victims of continual abuse from their peers in childhood. • The California Department of Public Health announced that on November 17th it will be restoring an option of designating a marrying couple as "bride" or "groom," which had been previously removed from official forms when gay marriage was legalized. • Last Tuesday, Canadian authorities seized a 22-hour-old baby from her mentally disabled mother, who was painted by the media as being "too stupid to parent." • Meanwhile, in Canada, a man from Tyndall is suing a woman because he alleges that she raped him while he was asleep and became pregnant, causing him "anxiety" about possibly paying child support. • Bud Light reveals a sexist new ad that promotes its "easy-drinking" swill with things that are "easy" and "drinking" (wink, wink). • On Sunday, 35 young women were arrested in southern Sudan for "disturbing the peace" by wearing tight trousers. The women were later released without charge. • Gmail has introduced Goggles, a free software for its users that makes them solve simple math problems to verify their state of mind before sending late-night, drunken emails. •

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