Spanish Dating Service Busses Women to Their Depressed Bridegrooms in the Country

In an effort to stop rural Spanish bachelors from sinking deeply into a self indulgent bog of loneliness and depression, organizers of a dating association called Asocamu are bussing city women from Madrid to small villages in central Spain. The hope in bringing women out to find an agrarian husband, says organizer Manuel Gozalo, is to slow a steady population drain from the country to the city.

Gozalo established Asocamu 17 years ago to bolster floundering agricultural communities and help single farmers cope with the crushing, animal-chatting depression that comes with living alone in the country, a place where human neighbors are few and far between. The dating service has attracted more attention in recent months, however, because Spain's financial crisis has made country life even less appealing, especially since employment is easier to come by in a city such as Madrid. Without any prospect of sturdy brides to help tend the homestead and raise a clan of maize-fed young linebackers (or toreadors I guess since this isn't Iowa), entire bachelor villages are being abandoned and left to ruin, all of which sounds like the creepy premise of a horror movie about a woman from the big city who unwittingly travels to a haunted farming community of wife-hungry bachelors. Ew.


Women visit Spanish towns to ease a bride shortage [CBS News]

Image via Conny Sjostrom/Shutterstock.

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