Southwest Airlines Captain Congratulates Passengers After They Drink All the Plane's Booze

Image via Universal.
Image via Universal.

Sorry to begin this with a shameless brag, but I’m a great flyer. I’m polite to the flight attendants, respectful of overhead bin space, drink just enough to make me sleepy, and never recline my seat. But even though I’d like to think all airline staffers would gladly give me an five-star rating (if they were allowed to do such a thing), none have ever congratulated me on the plane’s PA system. Why not? What have I done wrong?

The answer, according to sportswriter Jimmy Durkin, is that I haven’t flown on a plane filled with people who love to drink. During a recent Southwest Airlines flight from Oakland, CA, to Kansas City, MO, the passengers were congratulated by their captain for sucking down every drop of alcohol the plane had to offer.

Durkin called it a “Raiders flight,” but not because it was filled with Oakland Raiders players. These were just fans dressed “Raiders paraphernalia.” They weren’t even “particularly rowdy,” just thirsty as hell.


Being a sports fan doesn’t sound so bad. Maybe I should consider it.

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Southwest is pretty relaxed and chill. This sounds like something one of the pilots would do. Very #onbrand.

Real quick re: reclining seats. My boyfriend and I are of the opinion that that is SO NOT A BIG DEAL for the person behind you and we can’t understand why it’s A Thing. The seat reclines, what, maaaaybe an inch or two? Unless you are Shaquille O’Neal, that’s not going to affect your leg room, and anyway you wouldn’t even be traveling in economy. On the other hand, seats are so much more comfortable and pleasant with even that tiny big of reclining. So I say: recline away my fellow flyers! Recline away!