South Park: "Rich, White Girls Get Ahead In Life Because They Get Abortions When They're Young"

This week's episode of South Park parodied the film Stand and Deliver, the true story of high school math teacher Jaime Escalante (played by Edward James Olmos), who taught calculus in East L.A. In a turn of events, Cartman was hired to teach a class at an inner city school and — dressed like Mr. Olmos — he taught the kids that the only way to get ahead in life is to follow the example of white people and cheat. At one point, a female student breaks down and cries because she's pregnant, and Cartman consoles her by telling her he'll take her for an abortion, because that's just what young white girls do when they get pregnant! Clip above.



The fact of the matter is that a country that upholds a general pro-choice stance in its laws does absolutey nothing to hinder a woman's choice NOT to have an abortion if she doesn't want to. And so if you don't want to have abortions, then don't. And if you do, then do.

I think the far bigger issue that's been exposed in this thread is that people don't watch South Park! And that some of them do so because they feel there is a stigma attached to it! Oy, you people have NO IDEA what you've been missing — this show has been so ON lately. To wit:

"Canada On Strike!" in which the writer's strike was lampooned just enough to remind us of why it was kinda really important anyway. [fyi — TP and MS both participated in said strike] And also in which there is an epic battle of the Intarweb STARZ.

"Major Boobage" in which there was boobs and cat pee and it was so awesome that Jezebel posted a clip and I Netflixed "Heavy Metal."

"Britney's New Look" in which Trey Parker and Matt Stone almost made me piss my pants 10 separate times and also made me feel deep and abiding sympathy for Britney Spears.

"Tonsil Trouble" in which AIDS finally makes its comedy comeback.

"Guitar Queer-O" in which Guitar Hero is giving the lampooning it deserves.

AND, the mother of them all:

"Imaginationland Parts I, II and II" in which all hell breaks loose and goddamnit South Park should win a fucking Emmy for this surreal triology!

Seriously, peeps — embrace the South Park. Love the South Park. With Cartman on our side, we can never fail.