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South Korean Jang Mi-ran, who won weightlifting gold at the Beijing Olympics, says that after struggling with her weight as a teenager, being an athlete has made her happy with her 275 lbs. "I used to think that my size was a flaw before I started weightlifting," said Jang. "But after I started weightlifting, that has become my strongest point. Now I'm very pleased to be dubbed the world's strongest woman." Jang broke two world records in Beijing and plans to compete again in 2012. [Reuters]


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This is so awesome. Not just because she's using her body for greatness — always good — but because she also competes clean!! Weightlifting is one of the dirtiest (read: steroid addled) sports in the Olympic movement. People keep getting caught (good) but they keep doing it (bad). She's a role model is all sorts of ways!