South Korean Activists Air Drop Condoms Into North Korea

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South Korean activists sent balloon packages carrying anti-Pyongyang leaflets, condoms, sanitary pads, electric torches, sweets, underwear, socks and toothpaste into North Korea today. These types of launches are not highly unusual, and are often carried out by North Korean defectors, Christian activists, and right-wing organizations. It's weird thinking about "Christian activists" and "right-wing organizations" meaning something other than super extreme*, but Christians worldwide don't really give a shit about condoms, it's mainly Americans and Catholics, right?

"We've heard condoms are particularly difficult to secure in the North," said Bong Tae-Hong, who heads the right-wing activist group Right Korea.

"North Koreans also need them as contraceptives and for protection against sexually transferred diseases," Bong told AFP.


Cool, I'm hoping some made it. I know that in the past critical food and supplies drops were successful and cherished, so fingers crossed that this stuff gets into the right hands.

Of course, the powers that be in Pyongyang aren't thrilled about giving North Koreans any basic tools for survival. After a similar leafleting exercise last month by a group of North Korean defectors, Pyongyang said it would respond with a "merciless" military attack.

Maybe they're mad that South Koreans are sending the wrong type of deodorant, the kind that leaves white streaks on your clothes? And instead of tampons, it's the giant napkins with safety pins and belts? And wait, are the condoms "ribbed for her pleasure"? Because Kim Jong-un doesn't need that shit.

Or maybe it's the fact that they're pretty much the worst.

*I'm curious to learn more about these groups, does anyone know anything? I can't find much online but ever since I read B.R. Myers' The Cleanest Race: How North Koreans See Themselves and Why It Matters, I'm kinda obsessed with learning more.

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This video was recently smuggled out of the North. It is really amazing how AMAZING Kim Jong Un is!