South Carolina Mother Escapes the Icky Clutches of Flesh-Eating Bacteria with All of Her Limbs Intact

Illustration for article titled South Carolina Mother Escapes the Icky Clutches of Flesh-Eating Bacteria with All of Her Limbs Intact

The shudder-inducing phrase "flesh-eating bacteria" proved to be the boogeyman of last month's news-cycle, but at least one victim of the nightmarish ailment has escaped her ordeal relatively unscathed.

CNN reports that Lana Kuykendall, the 36-year-old South Carolina woman who underwent 20 surgical procedures to combat the spread of necrotizing fasciitis just four days after giving birth to twins, is being transferred from Greenville Memorial Hospital to a rehabilitation hospital. Doctors say her condition has been upgraded to "good," and her month-and-a-half struggle with the rapacious disease didn't require any amputations, unlike her more unfortunate counterpart Aimee Copeland. (Copeland's condition has also been upgraded, albeit from "critical" to "serious.") Let's all indulge in a collective, "Whew!" and eyebrow sweep before we continue.


Ah, that was nice. Kuykendall's 20 surgeries included skin grafts and an extensive stint in a hyperbaric oxygen chamber like the one Terrell Owens used to nap in before he had to leave the NFL for being too entertaining. Hospital epidemiologist Dr. Billy Kelly, of the life-saving Kellys, says that, while Kuykendall's prognosis is good, she has a long rehabilitation to look forward to. Oh, and she has newborns to worry about because sometimes life just doesn't care how inconvenient its horrifying microbial phenomena are.

South Carolina mom with flesh-eating bacteria improves, faces rehabilitation [CNN]

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Ugh - hate the idea that you can go to a hospital to get better (or in this woman's case, have something good happen) and come out worse for the wear.

My dad went into the hospital for cancer treatments and came out with cancer (treatments didn't work), c diff, and guillain-barre syndrome. The latter two his nurses attributed to his time in the hospital. Each of the three prevented the treatment of the other two.

Very happy that this woman has a happier outcome - and that her behbehs get their mom back.