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South Carolina Man Reportedly Returns Home to Find a Stranger Living In His House With Kids and a Dog

Illustration for article titled South Carolina Man Reportedly Returns Home to Find a Stranger Living In His House With Kids and a Dog
Image: Union County Sheriff’s Office

A Union, South Carolina man reportedly returned home to find a stranger living in his house, wearing his wife’s clothes, and letting an unfamiliar Chihuahua play in his yard.


According to People, Kent Foster walked into a real Talking Heads situation when he returned home to a strange dog running around in his yard and an unfamiliar woman inside his house with two children:

“He wasn’t sure what was going on. Then he heard a baby cry.

Moments later, a woman he was unfamiliar with poked her head out the door and asked, “What are you doing at my house?” Foster said.

‘I said, ‘Excuse me?’ I said, ‘I live here.’”

Foster says the woman and children were wearing clothes that belonged to his family. They had also bathed in his tub and eaten food from the kitchen. When police arrived, the woman reportedly told them the house belonged to her.


The woman, Savannah Rhinehart, was evaluated at a local hospital and then charged with charged with burglary, neglect of a child and petty larceny. The children were placed in emergency protective custody.

The original news story doesn’t say how long Foster had been away from home.

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A few years ago in a newish development right up the street from me, a couple bought a fairly expensive McMansion. A few weeks later they showed up with a moving van to move into the place, only to find the locks changed. As they tried to get in, two women came to the door asking what they wanted.

Apparently some asshole had broke in, changed the locks and rented the house to the two women, who then moved in before the new owners arrived.

The new owners were justifiably upset, but so were the two women who had given the scam artist first and last month’s rent! They were out almost $4000, and the contact information for the “Property manger” ended up being a burner phone.

People suck.