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[Paris, December 18. Image via Getty]

Former French president Jacques Chirac's Vietnamese-born adopted daughter Ahn Dao Traxel (C) walks with buddhists monks and nuns on December 18, 2009 in Paris, before submiting at the Elysee palace, French President Nicolas Sarkozy's official residence, a formal request for temporary asylum in France for 400 monks and nuns. The followers of a Buddhist group banned in communist Vietnam asked for asylum in France, where their leader is based, claiming that they face persecution at home. Sarkozy was himself away at the UN climate conference in Copenhagen, but movement spokesman Phap Linh said that his office had accepted the letter, adding that the request would be temporary as 'we are convinced that the regime will change.' AFP PHOTO GERARD CERLES (Photo credit should read GERARD CERLES/AFP/Getty Images)

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