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We know Rihanna and Gucci's tattoo heart campaign is to benefit UNICEF, and it's obviously a good cause, so should we not admit that we find the new ad to be simultaneously the most boring and hilarious thing we've ever seen? For those of you who can't have the pleasure of immediate gratification: it's basically just Rihanna and this purse posturing in front of a camera making significant faces while some weird smooth jam plays. Sometimes she and/or the purse (which is ugly) are kind of suspended in space. It's awesome. [Just Jared]


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That commercial makes about much sense as some of UNICEF's policies (i.e. pressuring the Haitian government to freeze adoptions b/c "too many children are being adopted"... not denying future adoptions, which would make more sense, but freezing all adoptions in progress and therefore making a hard process nearly impossible. Le Sigh... we're going on year three of waiting for my niece. Thanks UNICEF!