Viagra May Give Men Boners, But It Won’t Give Them Happiness

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In today's most breaking/shocking/sensational news, it turns out men who have been taking Viagra have not seen a significant improvement in their relationships or quality of life. Wait, what? You can't gain life-fulfilling contentment and a soul-stirringly deep relationship from simply ingesting the pill that sometimes leaves you with lingering boners?

According to the research, men battling erectile dysfunction with PDE5 inhibitors (like Viagra, Cialis, or Levitra) find themselves more sexually satisfied and confident. However, those men found no further enhancement in their flaccid lives or relationships.

According to University of Maryland urologist, Dr. Andrew Kramer, duh:

"It's simplistic to think that fixing an erection issue would solve issues. Happiness is very complicated, and erections are just one small piece of it... a lot of couples still need additional therapy."


ED affects around 20% of men, and is linked to many different causes, including using anti-depressants, smoking, drinking, heart disease, diabetes, aging, as well as psychological or anxiety-related issues. Expecting a pill to be able to deal with any of those individual things is a tall order, so expecting it to deal with a cocktail of any of those thereby heralding a happier life is a bit ridickulous.

Sorry dudes, but don't worry, you can always use the little blue pill to spruce up your flowers! (Not a euphemism. You can use viagra to keep flowers from wilting as fast.)

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Sort of an aside, but for anyone who's taking antidepressants and has been having sexual issues, consider asking your doctor about mirtazapine. I had the female equivalent of ED for years. I had an extremely hard time reaching orgasm or becoming aroused, or sometimes I would be extremely aroused but unable to reach orgasm (doesn't that sound fun?). I had been using SSRIs and SNRIs, and I think that was the problem because as soon as I got switched to an NaSSA, the problem went away.