Saturday Night Social: Lightning Strikes, Maybe Once, Maybe Twice

Good evening. Fleetwood Mac. That is all.


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Sorry, this is a bit of a depressing one.

Yesterday night, my sister claimed she had accessed my medical records and told me that I'm "not really ill" (I've been referred to neurologists, urologists and so on recently due to a complication with a medication) and "just have Munchausen's." She's a doctor so I can't completely rule this out. I've been extremely upset since finding out, both as she illegally accessed my records, and also as I feel I can no longer go to hospital appointments or take any medication I have been prescribed.

I know I should report her, but my immediate family say they'll claim I'm lying. She has always been the golden child due to her job. My father agreed that I probably have Munchausen's if she says so. She sent me a series of horrible texts (I have screen shots) saying that no-one will believe me as I'm mentally ill (I suffer from depression, take medicine for it and see a psychiatrist once a month - but I'm not delusional). When I told her I was going to check the 'Munchausen's' diagnosis with my doctor, she claimed she was going to report me to the police for harassment.

We're both in our late 20s. She said that as I am a postgrad student and she is a doctor, my life is worthless and "all I have to show for living is a load of sick days." Part of me knows this is true. She has always had good health while mine has been poor. However, I know that I'm not imagining the blood test results, or diagnoses listed on my report.

She's lied about several strange things recently - taking an antidepressant (while maintaining that she doesn't) and claiming to have passed an exam with 95% which I know she failed (we lived together at the time and the exam board letter was on her desk). She's prone to fits of extreme rage, but she's nice when she wants something. My parents have always indulged her behaviour as long as it gives them something to boast about.

Should I just cut my immediate family off, or ask my doctor about her claiming to have accessed my files - despite the fact that she might be fired?

The situation is so embarrassing that I've only been able to tell my partner and a close childhood friend. Both believe that I have been genuinely ill.