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OMFG! Word on the street - or on science websites, rather - is that doctors might be close to finding a cure for herpes! Researchers have discovered that a mysterious gene carried by herpes simplex-1 allows the virus to "lay low in the nerves it infects." Now that they've been able to detect this, they feel that it's possible to "wake" up the virus, in order to kill it with standard antiviral drugs. Good news, in no small part because one strain of herpes may cause brain cancer. [Reuters, Science Daily, Sciam]


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@brendastarlet: Wow, I haven't even asked my doctor yet. I've gotten shingles off and on since grad school whenever I get super stressed. They had to totally wrap my leg in bandages and tape when I had my youngest because I had shingles on my thigh. Yucky stuff. Lucky us, eh?