Soon You Will Buy Your House From IKEA

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For many of us, it already feels like the entire inside of our house is decorated with things from IKEA, so wouldn't it be convenient if you could take the next step and just buy an entire prefab house from IKEA? Well, soon that dream will be a reality. They've collaborated with Ideabox, an architectural firm, to create "Aktiv" a one-bedroom, one-bathroom prefabricated house that comes furnished with IKEA things. It's even eco-friendly.


Sure, it's a little small, and kind of has the same floorplan as a motorhome or trailer. And, yes, like many IKEA-brand things, it looks a little generic, but once you put your own touch on it, it'll probably be fine. Plus, it'll only run you about $80,000. Assuming you have an empty plot of land lying around, that's a steal. Now the only question is do they deliver? Because it's going to be tricky to jam an entire house into the trunk of your car.

[via PSFK]

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I went to a great exhibit of prefabbed houses at the MoMA a few years back. They even built a few in their parking lot, including one that was three stories tall with a car park. I really, really want that one.