Sonogram Parties Are the Latest Rage for Self-Important Pregnant Women

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Will we ever reach the point of saturation when it comes to celebrating a person's pregnancy? Added to baby showers and gender reveal parties, we now have ultrasound parties, in which an expectant mother can hire an ultrasound tech to bring a sonogram machine to her house so that her friends and family can take a look at her insides. At least the gender reveal parties have cake.


As Today reports, the trend for the ultrasound parties is growing, and companies are forming to accommodate the demand. Baby Face and More, Peek-a-View, and Miracles Imaging charge $100 - $350 to perform 3D/4D ultrasounds in a party atmosphere.

But as one OB/GYN Dr. Amber Sills points out ultrasounds are used to "diagnose chromosomal disorders, malformations, and to aid in estimating fetal weight or the amount of amniotic fluid." They aren't intended for entertainment, or even to reveal gender. Technically, they are only approved under a prescription because the long-term effects are still unknown. Additionally, in 2008 the FDA took an official "unapproved" position on ultrasound keepsake photos and videos.

What if an ultrasound tech sees something troubling? That would really poop a party.

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I say this as an unwed woman who is not a mother. I'm beginning to find a lot of the newer trappings of weddings and pregnancy to be really self-important and self-indulgent. As an introvert, I'm terrified that this is to be expected? I'm not sure, and it might be overexposure to Pinterest, but is this the norm? I do not think that I want everyone's eyes on me during either event, least of all a sonogram (or a wedding ... :P). /justhowifeel

ETA: I say this after being invited to a party in which the bride, a distant cousin-ish relative, invited me to a theme-of-wedding-and-save-the-date unveiling.