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Son Of Celebrity Editor Bonnie Fuller Conspires To Make Mom Even More Famous, Loathsome

Watching is all I can do... Every book we read, every TV show we watch we relish the glance we get into someone else's world. I feel like I've seen everything. I'm the ultimate voyeur, nothing's a mystery, I've built up this tolerance to watching...


Thus spake the protagonist of 'I Am A Ghost', an internet video produced by Noah Fuller, oldest child of Bonnie Fuller. Bonnie, as you'll remember, is the founding father of the modern celebrity-sartorial complex as evidenced by her former stewardship of US Weekly and now the fast-crumbling American Media empire that owns Star and the National Enquirer. And today comes news that not only is Bonnie shopping around a reality-show about herself (a la Atoosa! Oh wait, and Teen Vogue's Amy Astley! And Jane's Brandon Holley! And, oh yeah, Jann Wenner!) but that shaggy-haired NYU film student Noah wants to direct it!


According to his MySpace profile, Noah wears bandannas and thick glasses, and likes to be photographed smoking cigarettes while reclining in the grass. Also, some of his friends have asymmetrical haircuts, and at least one of those friends appears to be jerking off in 'I Am A Ghost' (in case you care for that sort of stuff!). Anyway, if you felt a "Just Like Us" kicker coming on, you are just about where we are in the whole "This is where I hurl my laptop out the window and think about what Third World country one could visit that would not seem too Angelina-derivative right now" trajectory. Happy lunch hour, everyone!

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