Something's Happening with Beyoncé

Beyoncé has posted to Twitter and Instagram and with a message about an upcoming event. Something is happening, and it’s happening soon.

As a casual fan of Beyoncé (will always dance to anything except Run The World, sometimes lip syncs to Flawless in the mirror), I do not know how this announcement fits into the pattern of her artistic output. I assume this very short clip of a woman (again, presuming it’s Beyoncé here) slowly coming up from leaning against a car is from a music video.


But is the #LEMONADE indicating just a video? A whole album? A special HBO event? HBO is a weird place to release an album, but Beyoncé does what she wants, and she does is perfect.

She also doesn’t appear to be wearing something you would work out in, so that bait and switch is out. I did stupidly Google “Beyoncé + Lemonade” and it was mostly articles about her weight loss before Dreamgirls, which was upsetting. Let’s hope this message is about the album of the summer (the year, the lifetime) and has nothing to do with liquid diets.


Image via Beyoncé.

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