Kate Stoeckle and Louisa Strauss, who graduated from high school this year, have discovered that not all sushi fish is labeled properly. It started over dinner: Katie's dad, Dr. Stoeckle, works with DNA bar coding. "Could you bar code sushi?" Katie asked. He replied, "Yeah, I think you could - and if you did that, I think you'd be the first ones." Katie asked Louisa to help collect her samples. As Dr. Stoeckle put it, "It involved shopping and eating, in which they were already fluent." They went to 4 restaurants and 10 grocery stores in Manhattan, then sent tiny pieces of fish off to a lab in Ontario. Two of the 4 restaurants and 6 of the 10 grocery stores had sold mislabeled fish. White tuna turned out to be Mozambique tilapia. Roe supposedly from flying fish was actually from smelt. (And so on.) Know what you're getting, don't let your sushi chef off the hook! [NY Times, Reuters]