Meet Spain's "bebe gluton," aka "the breastfeeding doll." It consists of a halter top with daisies (nipples) that a little girl wears, and a doll that makes suckling sounds when it latches on to the nipple-daisies. Shudder.

Dr. Nancy and her guest talked about the bebe gluton (literally: "gluttonous baby") on MSNBC this afternoon, and basically came to the same conclusion: it's perfectly normal for a small child to pretend to breastfeed a doll, and many children do after watching their mothers nurse a younger sibling (I'm told I did, when I was 2.) The problem they have is with the age of the little girl in the commercial (a little old to be within child development norms — notice the child actress doesn't look into it), and the halter top with nipple daisies, which Dr. Nancy and her guest think plays on the whole horrible pre-sexualization of little girls trend. (I'm not sure what Dr. Nancy means about this doll "setting feminism back 150 years," however. There's nothing un-feminist about a daughter acting out what she sees her mother do.) While we might be letting our American puritanical fears go wild over this (and the women advise us to remember that Europe is different), at the very least this seems like a ripoff. Just let your toddler lift up her shirt and pretend to nurse her baby doll just like Mommy. Paying for this contraption is like paying for a board game version of hide-and-seek. Clip above.


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