Someone Tried to Make Fun of These Chaste Twins but the Internet Said No.

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A Redditor posted this old video of a pair of Australian sisters under the title, “These twins are the most annoying people in the world,” because the only thing worse than one woman talking is two, amirite?


Bridgette and Paula Powers appeared in this video about 10 years ago, and though they may be exaggerating their propensity for talking at the exact same time, they’re definitely very intense about each other. You might find it really annoying, but they don’t seem to have any desire to change, no matter what people think:

The post attracted the attention of some folks from down under Sydney, who actually know the Powers sisters. Apparently, most people who know them find them absolutely delightful. Reddit user KirtyG chimed in with this:

Sunny coast local here. Believe it or not, as irritating as they are, they are actually extremely well known and respected in the community. Everyone loves them. Stranger still, a whole community of people have pretty much accepted them as one person. It blows my mind.

Then SargentWizard added:

Local here too, and I agree. The twins are much loved here on the coast and the work they do for injured birds is amazing. It’s well known on the coast that if you come across an injured bird to call the Twinnies because they will always help and never turn an injured animal away.

This is the Internet, so maybe those very nice comments are completely made up, but it is true that the Twinnies have a seabird rescue organization with a Facebook page that features cool videos of pelicans sitting gently on eggs.

The twins said in their original interview that they’ve never had boyfriends. It’s ten years later and that still appears to be true, but they’re also living with an incredible companion. In an interview with the Sydney Morning Herald from 2015, they described again one of the few times they’ve been apart:

The longest they’ve been apart was three days during their teens, when Paula was hospitalised for an appendectomy. Helen told the doctors that whatever ailment one twin suffered always affected the other soon after, but they refused to remove Bridgette’s appendix at the same time.

“That led to a very bad experience for me,” ventures Bridgette, her first solo utterance since my arrival. “I was at a bus stop and three guys tried to pull me into their car. But I used my whole strength and I fought hard and I did get away from them.”

Paula says she sensed her twin’s distress from her hospital bed. “I felt really sick and my blood pressure was going up. I knew something was wrong.” Soon afterwards, she “knew” Bridgette was downstairs being treated for minor injuries incurred in her struggle with the men: “And then Bridgette came up and told us what had happened.” Within a few weeks, as Helen had predicted, Bridgette was back in hospital having her appendix removed.

How did the twins feel being apart? “It’s a weird feeling,” they chorus. “You feel empty, like you’re missing someone. It’s hard to explain ... but we’ve never been apart for long since then.”


The original Reddit poster appears to have deleted their account. Though many of the comments are dudes talking about being turned off by an Australian accent for the first time, a celebration of the Twinnies has prevailed. You two keep on being one.


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Unusual or offbeat people are always going to catch shit from people who think, for one reason or another, that mocking others makes them look good. If the testimony from the locals is true it sounds like it’s rolling right off their collective back. Keep on saving the birds, ladies, it’s a fine mission, and one that seems to really make you happy.