Someone Paid an Insane Amount of Money for Marie Antoinette's Shoes

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What is the most you would ever pay for a pair of shoes? Maybe $1,000 if they were so beautiful they made you cry? Well, one bidder at an auction just paid more than $57,000 (43,225 euros) on a pair of shoes that they'll probably never even wear. The shoes are believed to have belonged to Marie Antoinette. Interestingly, not even the auction house expected them to be worth this much—they were estimating they'd go for between 3,000 and 4,000 euros. Auction organizers said the shoes may have been worn by Marie Antoinette at the first national day celebration (aka Bastille Day) on July 14, 1790. And they do sound lovely. They're white silk mules with with "tricolour pleated ribbons." They are a size 36.5 (roughly a six in the U.S.), so it's possible that a modern-footed person could wear them, though I can't imagine you'd want to risk spilling a drink on them.

Marie-Antoinette mules fetch thousands [AFP]

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Believed to have belonged to Marie Antoinette? For 57,000 dollars, I am gonna need to be sure. Gosh, do you know what I would do with 57,000 dollars. I'd get lasik and invisalign. I would download all kinds of books on my kindle. I'd buy yarn and needles. Groceries and herbs. I'd keep that crap in the bank. Gosh, I sound like a dweeb. Yes, I am as blind as a bat and want straighter teeth while I knit and make smoothies.