Someone (or some couple) put up a website hoping to raise $50,000 to have the baby they will otherwise abort. "They" misspelled and everything. This is clearly the work of some very self-satisfied person who is trying to start, you know, some sort of "meme" (the less-profitable internerd version of a "trend"). The point, we think: Parenthood is expensive, so why aren't more pro-lifers willing to fund social programs? To which we say: Pro-lifers also believe that Jesus can be God, AND the son of God at the same time, so reasoning with them is... well, duh. [Copyranter]


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Blue Canary (one note spelled L-I-T-E)

Not to mention the entire "raised from the dead" thing, which is illogical, at best, and really fucking stupid at worst. Expecting sound reasoning from the religious right is like expecting a thesis on Kierkegaard from Paris Hilton (or expecting tranny-Beyonce to show up on the red carpet looking understated and elegant. Or expecting Bush to pronounce "nuclear" correctly. As in, most certainly not going to happen).