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Someone Allegedly Stole Demi Moore's Credit Card and Went Wild at 3 Separate Nordstrom Locations

Illustration for article titled Someone Allegedly Stole Demi Moores Credit Card and Went Wild at 3 Separate Nordstrom Locations
Photo: AP

A good-old-fashioned credit card fraud situation to kick off this evening’s Dirtbag! It’s a slow evening, at least for gossip....


A criminal complaint obtained by TMZ on Wednesday alleges that one David Matthew Read used Demi Moore’s stolen American Express card to buy upwards of $169,000 (nice) worth of merchandise, much of it from Nordstrom.

Page Six delved even deeper into the complaint, finding that Read is accused of spending more than $16,000 at a Saks Fifth Avenue location, as well as thousands of dollars at three separate Nordstrom store locations.


According to the complaint, Read was arrested in early April outside of a storage unit he was renting. And according to the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department, he remains in jail to this day.


Cursed image. (But Kylie does kinda look like Khloe, I guess?)


Jonah Hill, out and about on a Sunday!


[Just Jared]

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Kat Marlowe

Kylie’s face on Instagram looks like the result of one of those apps where they mix and match celebrity features: “So, I would like Jessica Alba’s eyes, Jennifer Lopez’s nose, Angelina Jolie’s lips and Margot Robbie’s hair. And, then slap that all on Ashley Graham’s body.”