Someday We May All Be Bloodless, 60-Year-Old New Mothers

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More on the issue of new technologies that delay or do away with menstruation altogether. Writing in today's USA Today, Kim Painter reports on the opposition to period-less womanhood, singling out health experts, a documentary filmmaker, and a SF-based artist who has created paintings made of her menstrual blood ("I wanted to make something beautiful out of something that is usually thought to be disgusting," says Vanessa Tiegs).

But wait! Today also sees the news that fertility experts are working on a pill-based method to delay the onset of menopause and allow women to bear children at later and later ages. Hey, we have an idea! Why don't they just combine the two pills? And, while they're at it, maybe they can add in some sort of toxin that makes women stop growing pubic hair!
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Vanessa Tiegs should go even farther and do her own version of Judy Chicago's The Dinner Party. Jusr imagine...

Well, no, but I had to get my revenge on you all for the gross-out shit you posted all Friday.