My name is Megan, and this is but a portion of my collection of high heels. I recognize that this might be a problem, but I'm 5'4", and I have short muscle fibers (i.e., stumpy legs) which kept me from being in the front row at ballet recitals and now prevent me from looking cute in flats. This, you see, is how I justify my purchase of stiletto-heeled shoes, despite the fact that they sometimes hurt my feet, back or hips. But now I have another excuse: Sex! According to reports today, Dr. Maria Cerruto, an Italian urologist who felt it necessary to medically justify her high heel obsession, has found that wearing heels can improve a woman's sex life.

Dr. Cerruto's research, which included posture studies and analysis of electrical activity in the bodies of 60 women under the age of 55, concluded that the women who wore 2-inch heels had similar posture to those who wore flats and that the be-heeled women had more electrical activity in their pelvic floor muscles. Those muscles — which can be strengthened by doing Kegel exercises — can assist in making sex better (they help keep the vaginal canal feeling tight) as well as help with conditions like incontinence and pelvic prolapse. Dr. Cerruto doesn't deny that there may be negative physiological consequences to wearing heels but, says, "I adore high-heeled shoes and I wanted to find something positive about them. In the end I achieved my goal." I'm pretty sure that serious scientists aren't supposed to conduct research in order to find some reason to justify an unhealthy behavior (like, say, "smoking keeps you from gaining weight!"), but, dammit, heels are cute!

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