Some Six-Year-Olds May Have More Makeup Than Their Moms

The mainstream (morning) news is getting on the girls-getting-beauty-treatments bandwagon: This morning, Today's Janice Lieberman reported on the marketing of manicures, pedicures, cosmetics and hair treatments to little girls...and their mothers. (How long until Sephora opens a chain of "Sephora Jr." stores?) Lieberman visited a mani-pedi party at NYC's Dashing Diva salon and spoke to psychologist Dale Atkins, who cautioned that "when kids are exposed to these types of products and affects their self-esteem body, image, future eating disorders and sense of who they are." Clip above.

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@Twilly: On the one hand, you can shoulder some of the blame for continuing to market products aggressively to young girls. But I don't think that's necessarily fair to you. I think there's a lot of responsibility that rightfull belongs on parents, who should be teaching their kids that imagination and playtime and makeup is all well and good, but that there's nothing that they really "need" yet. What they "need" is education, encouragement and excitement, not lip gloss and nail polish.

That said, I think sporadic indulgence really helps. Get your kid *one* of the lipglosses she "needs," while helping her understand why she doesn't need forty (one way to do it: "Mommy only has one lipgloss. You only need one, too!"). Or treat her to a special hair day once every few months, just to make her feel special. Make it mommy and me time. That way she can feel like part of the group without becoming obsessed with it.

Just a theory. I don't have kids. That's basically what my mom did with me, but I wasn't raised today y'know?

But, man, when I was a kid I *loved* LipSmackers, and I tried my best to collect them. 'Course, I had to mow the lawn to earn the money to buy them. Maybe that's another alternative. Baby Girl can get nailpolish... if she pays for it herself.