Some "Sexy" Men Actually Not So Hot!

As an antidote to what it describes as the tyranny "of lantern jaws, bulging biceps and Seacrest hair" in People magazine's latest Sexiest Man Alive list, Salon has come up with its own list of sexy dudes and it's predictably politically correct and decidedly not hot. The list isn't entirely off-base (we've already expressed our lady-boner for Flight of the Conchords), but choosing Yale dropout/clean energy activist Billy Parish, who signs his emails with quotes by MLK? Admirable, but not necessarily a turn-on.


We never thought we'd say this, but we have to agree with the New York Post's resident Candace Bushnell impersonator Mandy Stadtmiller, who rails on People's choice of Matt Damon as 2007's Sexiest Man. "Sexy is nasty, dirty, rough," Stadtmiller says. "Sometimes you just want someone you can feel terrible about in the morning."

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