Some Rock Of Love Girls Don't Know What "Décolletage" Means

On last night's episode of Charm School, the former Rock of Love contestants were given an etiquette class so that they wouldn't slurp soup or forget to wear panties in front of their visitor, a duchess from England. (Actually, she was an actress playing a duchess from England.) The girls were given a set of rules to memorize and follow, like how to properly say her name, when to curtsy, etc. One of the most important, "no duh," rules was that the duchess was not to be exposed to "another woman's décolletage." Oddly, for a group of women who often rely on their breasts, some of them didn't know what the word means. Clip above.

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I confess: I had to google it.

I feel really dumb now but I promise I'm a college graduate.