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Some Public Schools in Idaho Think Single-Sex Classes Are a Great Way to Learn About Cooties

Illustration for article titled Some Public Schools in Idaho Think Single-Sex Classes Are a Great Way to Learn About Cooties

In Idaho, more public schools — as in, schools supported by taxpayers and ostensibly not governed by any pesky religious ideologies — are splitting up boys and girls into single-sex classrooms because education officials in that state have all taken a time machine back to the 18th century, had a look around, and concluded, "Hey, we should do it this way in the 21st century! That'd a great way to get kids to learn about the Solar System!"


CBS News reports that, ever since the federal government relaxed restrictions in 2006, single-sex classrooms started popping up as a way to address data showing that boys are graduating at lower rates and scoring lower on tests than girls. About 500 public schools across the United States currently offer single sex classrooms, up from a mere handful in 2002, with Idaho at the forefront of the vintage schooling movement. I blame the trickle-down effect of hipster culture, what with its record players and de-emphasis on deodorant, but it's a (decreasingly) free country and you should hurry up and pick your own personal scapegoats while you still can.

More public schools splitting up boys, girls [CBS News]

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I went to an all-women's college, and I can absolutely say that I would never have had the confidence to go into the sciences otherwise. Stop being snarky, Jezebel, there are a lot of benefits from splitting up classrooms, not the least of which is a reduction in bullying. Especially for "intelligent" girls. Junior high school was a terror for me, because I was foolish enough to raise my hand when I knew the answer to questions that the boys didn't.

Get over yourselves.