Some pro-life Catholics, many of whom voted for George W. twice, are now voting for Obama, Slate's Melinda Henneberger reports. With the economy in absolute peril, social issues like abortion and gay marriage are off the table for the "Obama Grandmamas" Henneberger interviewed. The shift to Obama doesn't come without consequences: several women refused to give their names to Henneberger because they feared they would be ostracized in their churches. "In some cases, they fear being barred from receiving communion," Henneberger notes. "Doug Kmiec, the conservative pro-life law professor, was denied the sacrament this summer after he announced in Slate that he was for Obama." In Newsweek, George Weigel explores the ideology behind pro-life Obama fans, and finds it wanting.There are three main reasons Weigel lists that Catholics use to justify their support of pro-choice candidates. Obama Catholics argue that the abortion battle has already been waged and lost by anti-abortion advocates, that the "intrinsic evil" of the Bush presidency and the Republican platform outweigh the "intrinsic evil" of abortion, and finally that Obama supports social policy that would ultimately lower the abortion rate. I agree with Weigel that the abortion battle is still going strong (hello South Dakota!) and so that first reason for being pro-life and probama is questionable, but the second two reasons seem logically sound. However, I am not Catholic and my knowledge of the ins and outs of the religion are limited. One pro-life woman quoted in Slate, who is voting for neither Obama nor McCain, is still sick of hearing about social issues during this election cycle. "I don't want to hear about questions for which there are no answers," she said. And her point really resonated with me. Abortion is one of those things where there is no compromise: either you believe it's murder or you don't. However, I wonder if the shoe were on the other foot, if there was a candidate with whom I agreed on every issue except abortion, if I would be able to vote for him or her. I don't know that I'd be able to put social issues aside as these women have. Pro-Life And Pro-Obama [Slate] Pro-Life Catholics For Obama [Newsweek]