"Some People Just Don't Think She's Homeless Enough"

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Elle's "homeless blogger," 24-year-old Brianna Karp, is possibly the only person not drunk in this bizarre Kathy and Hoda clip. But the real question, in Kathy's words: "WHY DOES EVERYTHING HAPPEN AT WAL-MART?"

When Karp "became another statistic," after a layoff, she started blogging about her life. This came to the notice of Elle's E. Jean Carroll and led to an internship, then a blog that's roused the ire of those who feel she's insufficiently homeless. "We should point out that your clothes are from Elle," says Kathy, which is nice, since the internship seems to be unpaid, and she's still homeless. Oh, and in case you, too, were wondering how Brianna achieves her hair color, she dyes her hair at the gym. Amazingly, the poised Karp maintains her considerable dignity throughout - no small feat with this crowd.
Homeless Blogger Scores A Job [MSNBC]


Jobless And Homeless, Blogger Scores Elle Job [MSNBC]

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People think they know what homeless looks like. But there are many people who are homeless and show up at their job every day without their coworkers being able to tell they are homeless.