I welcome this Tumblr that shames men who take up too much space on public transportation with open arms (although not unreasonably open arms, because I am a thoughtful human being.)

I recently left my wallet on an airplane because I was so distracted by the man sitting next to me. Not only did he take up the entire armrest with his beefy, fake-tanned arm — a space meant to be communal! — but he kept jabbing me with his elbow, even when I tried pressing my body up against the window to prove a point. When I glared back at him, he stared back as if to say, "I'm a dude, your space is my birthright."


I wish I would've taken his photo and submitted it to Men Taking Up 2 Much Space on the Train (Fine, we weren't on a train, but same difference). I also wish I didn't accidentally abandon my wallet in my haste to "beat him" off the airplane.

Anyway, as we've stated previously: your dick is not that big.

[Men Taking Up 2 Much Space On The Train]