Some Idiot Ships 30 Pounds of Cocaine to the UN Building

Illustration for article titled Some Idiot Ships 30 Pounds of Cocaine to the UN Building

Somewhere there is a drug dealer who is really pissed that 30 pounds of his choice coke has gone missing. But if he wanted it so badly, he shouldn't have mailed it to the United Nations. The cocaine was sent inside fake diplomatic pouches, and ended up in the UN's mailroom last week. People there immediately recognized the pouches as knock-offs. The real diplomatic mail bags have "United Nations" printed on them, as well as the logo. But these only had the logo, and didn't have any address, manifest, or anything—and yet for some reason DHL delivered them no questions asked. It's highly unlikely that some diplomat was having a load of coke delivered for a party. Instead, they think the fake pouches, which originated from Mexico, were meant to ensure the packages made it through border security without being inspected—but it looks like the plan worked a little too well.

U.N. Sees an Unexpected Arrival: Bags of Drugs [New York Times]

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Dodai Stewart

He must have been high.