Some Humble Suggestions for Pope Francis's Forthcoming Instagram Account

Pope Francis is reportedly getting his very own Instagram account. Can’t wait to watch the fights that’ll occur in the comments on his every post!

TechCrunch points to a report from the Italian newswire ANSA, which says he’ll be posting under the name “Franciscus.” TechCrunch notes the Vatican already has an official account, but nothing for Pope Francis himself—just some imitators. And they can’t have people running around trying to catfish in the pope’s name.

But what can we expect in terms of content from the pontiff? Here are some appropriately humble suggestions from the heathens of Jezebel:

  • selfies pulling faces next to priceless pieces from the obscenely extensive Vatican art collection
  • more specifically, selfies with all the rude old Roman art, especially the rude old Roman art with dicks
  • espressos on sunny Roman terraces
  • pasta on sunny Roman terraces
  • shots from the depths of whatever closet they use to store ceremonial robes with the cheeky insistence he’s got no idea what to wear
  • #tbt to the time we convicted Galileo of heresy—oops!

Alternatively, they could keep it 100 percent pictures of Pope Francis wearing hats.


Photo via Getty.

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