Some Highlights From Today's General Hospital, Starring James Franco

You know what? James Franco's acting style is fascinating: He murmurs like he's drunk; slits his eyes like he's stoned. Or maybe he's not acting? Is he in character or is he not even trying? It's impossible to tell.

And yet: The way he flirts with this blonde whose name I do not care to know? It's sexy. Sexy, I tell you!


You know this guy. He's a beautiful liar, he's gorgeously crooked and twisted — but only "because that's how the world is." Wounded, bitter, yet still feverishly hot. You're attracted to him, but you worry he'll steal your wallet, your best friend and your silverware. I lost a video camera this way once. And my virginity. Kidding! (Maybe.)

Here's a promo for James Franco's little brother Dave Franco. And then back to the story. If the way James says "amuse ourselves" doesn't get your spot hot, then you have a problem.

If someone can show me how to make "If it makes you feel any better, I don't want to have your babies" as a ringtone, I will be forever grateful.

Last, but not least, his shirt came off. Not as good as seeing him naked in Sonny, but what do you expect?

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meritxell: an erotic life

Isn't the blonde Xenon from Xenon: Girl of the 21st Century (a Disney Channel Original Movie)? Nice shoulders on her when she's ever so lulzily ripping of James' shirt.

Also, James Franco is totally hamming it up and making me lol.