Some Fool Paid $255 For the Last Crumbs Cupcake

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This week has been quite the emotional roller coaster for lovers of Crumbs cupcakes. First we hear that Crumbs has decided to close all its stores amid the dire financial crisis that is the bursting of the cupcake bubble. Then, hope is revived with news that investors may be stepping up to keep the overpriced baked goods seller in business.

Now, the "last cupcake" from a Crumbs shop has been sold on Ebay for a ridiculous $255.

Bid on this still-delicious soon-to-be relic, and you'll be able to tell your grandchildren that you devoured the last Crumbs cupcake.

This cupcake was purchased at the Crumbs Bake Shop on 42nd Street. Little did Likeable Media know it would be the last "Birthday Cupcake" we ever purchased. Now we'd like to pass on the joy to you! We are going to freeze it to make sure it doesn't go stale. But best bet is to use the BUY IT NOW option.


Kelly Faircloth warned you not to do this—not to spit in the face of common sense by spending $250 on a single cupcake. And then you went ahead and did it anyway. The frozen birthday cake flavored cupcake only received two bids, so that's something.

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Hey, you know what tastes a lot like a $255 cupcake? Cake. It's incredible really. It's almost as if they're the exact same fucking thing.

If you have some disposable income and are looking for a really obnoxious Instagram photo opportunity, there's still a pack of three Crumbs cupcakes for sale on Ebay for a slightly more practical $275.


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As I scrolled through this article, I noticed the headline from the earlier article:

Guess what, now I want a Ding Dong. Sounds WAY better than a cupcake, right?