Last night, Parsons 2012 Annual Fashion Benefit honored designer Donna Karan for helping "shape contemporary culture." Unfortunately, for her big night, Karan had to walk the red carpet wearing a knee brace—but that didn't excuse what she put on the rest of her body.

Jenne Lombardo—founder of a company I don't understand that doesn't even have a real web site—is supposed to be really influential in the fashion world. So I guess that means we're all going to be wearing Dracula's girlfriend's blouses soon? I can get on board with Vena Cava's Lisa Mayock's pink-fringed silk robe because it has a Stevie Nicks element to it. However, the lady of the evening, Donna Karan, is a mess here: Pants under an asymmetrical dress and a long-sleeved bolero paired with a bunch of mismatched chunky jewelry.

For someone who is supposed to be fashion's "It Girl," Bonnie Morrison looks kind of Banana Republic to me. Designer Kay Unger pinkish/purplish silk dress was OK, but then she had to go and grab that lacy, sparkly shawl before leaving the house. Model Jessica Perez was the most put together, but that may be because she was probably the only person who didn't style herself.


Vivienne Tam and Behnaz Sarafpour are borderline boring in their black and white cocktail dresses. In this outfit, you wouldn't know that Julie Gilhart helped cultivate chic New York style while she served as the buyer for Barneys for 18 years. Instead, she looks like a suburban Philadelphia single mom, reentering the club scene after messy divorce.


Whatever Happened to Baby Ashleigh Verrier? Sophia Lamar's outfit is perhaps how someone would do an interpretation of one of Patty Duke's manic episodes. Aliza Licht's belt has an awful lot of trinkets on it.

When it comes to the men, Gabi Asfour, Chris Benz, and Lorenzo Martone, I think that Martone's bondage harness seems like the best marriage of fashion and function.