Some experts think that the overly aggressive marketing of HPV vaccine Gardasil and the lobbying of Gardasil manufacturer Merck has led to the vaccine's potential over-prescription. According to the New York Times, "Some experts worry about the consequences of the rapid rollout of the new vaccines without more medical evidence about how best to deploy them. They say that because of the aggressive marketing, even parents of girls who are far from being sexually active may feel pressured into giving them a vaccine that is not yet needed and whose long-term impact is still unclear." Merck, of course, has already made big buckies with their zealous Gardasil-selling. Gardasil has "a projected sales of $1.4 billion to $1.6 billion outside Europe this year, and more from sales in Europe, where Merck sells the vaccine through a joint venture with Sanofi Aventis," the Times reports. [NY Times]


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