Some Couples Feel The Thrill Of First Love Their Whole Lives! But Probably Not You.

New uplifting/depressing scientific development! It is actually humanly possible to have a happy loving marriage not underscored by resignation and/or evolutionary biology and/or societal expectations and/ or financial entanglements! A bunch of neuroscientists at NYU have proven that it is possible that some couples actually stay in love. No shit, right? According to the Wall Street Journal they learned this by subjecting self-professed happy couples who had been married for ten years or so. The case study in question was Ann and Alan Tucker, whose persistent amorousness throughout their eleven year marriage them as romantic "outliers", to brain scans. And what they found was shocking:

Days after Mrs. Tucker's brain scan, Dr. Brown, the neuroscientist, sat in her book-lined office looking at the results. "Wow, just wow," she recalls thinking. Mrs. Tucker's brain reacted to her husband's photo with a frenzy of activity in the ventral tegmental area. "I was shocked," Dr. Brown says.


So who are these two horny old lovebirds?

Upstate New York mathematicians, naturally! When they met, she was 28 and he was 54.

They met sitting across a horseshoe-shaped table at a math conference in the Adirondack Mountains. "I knew immediately we'd get married," Mrs. Tucker says. They got their marriage license less than a year later, on Valentine's Day.

Aw! But why is it this everlasting love shit never seems to happen to slutty city-dwelling alcoholics with dozens of romantic failures behind them? Yeah, nevermind. Happy V Day!

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