Solicitations: Help Me Choose A Meet The Parents Outfit

I am not usually given to last-minute outfit neuroses. But then, I am not normally given to meeting future in-laws either. Tomorrow we're having brunch, then walking across Central Park, then going to the Metropolitan Museum, then hopefully dispersing for a nap or something, then meeting up with my folks for dinner at a fairly casual Italian dinner in the West Village. It's supposed to be about 80 degrees. And I still have no idea what to wear. I mean, with this one outfit I have to convey that I'm responsible, demure, chic, sweet, smart - but I also want to look okay. I mean, I might be giving these people grandkids. Normally, I'd just wear my trusty blue denim (left.) But when I looked at it last night, I saw that it was showing its age: even blinded by love, I could see that it was a bit ratty for the occasion. I've narrowed it down to four; please help me decide amongst them. Seriously, I'm not being cute, I really need input here. The choices, and my best "I'm-a-little-Teapot," after the jump!


When we were going to be meeting for dinner first, this was my choice. But it seems a little dressy for day, no? It's blue Swiss Dot.

Is this too sweet?


Is this just frumpy?


I don't feel my most comfortable in pants but "jeans" feels right...but is this too sexy?

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