Soldier Dies in Afghanistan, Leaving Two Wives to Fight Over His Stuff

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This sounds pretty awkward. A California serviceman who was killed in Afghanistan has been survived by a forecasted category 5 shitstorm, as he neglected to tell his second wife that he hadn't yet divorced his first wife. And now the two wives are locked in a heated, terribly depressing fight over his stuff.

According to MSNBC, Army Specialist Moises Gonzalez died in a rollover accident at the end of last month. But after his death, the woman who thought she was his wife wasn't informed. Instead, his first wife, whom he never divorced, received notice from the Army, even though the two had been estranged for years.

Both wives showed up at the funeral, and both wives sat in the front row, but his original wife was given the commemorative flag from his casket, and his first wife will be receiving his benefits. His second wife hoped to at least get the flag, but no dice.


Also present at the funeral was a third woman who had a son with Gonzalez, but the two were never married.


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I don't understand why the first wife would let them give her the flag—unless she's a total jerk, why on earth wouldn't she just tell the people who arranged the service to present it to the second wife? It's not as if there's some law requiring it to be given to a certain person; it's just a tradition.