Sofia Coppola's LV Line Debuts In Tokyo

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  • Sofia Coppola debuts her line of "sure, why not?" accessories for Louis Vuitton in Tokyo. The luxe line is made up of "slouchy duffle bags, discreet clutches and retro wedge sandals." [WWD]
  • Speaking of qualified designers, Posh's dress line is a hit in London! "The presence of her name on the shop floor alongside such greats as Alexander McQueen, Vivienne Westwood and John Galliano was quite an achievement for a designer who unveiled her first collection of dresses just three months ago. More impressive still was the fact that by 3pm on its first day on sale only three dresses were left unsold." [Guardian]
  • Tim Gunn is not sanguine! Quoth the silver fox, "We have this horrible, nasty court case. We have an angry Bravo/NBC. We have an angry Lifetime. We have, I'm sure, an angry Weinstein Company. We have Heidi and I despondent about the whole thing. We worry that season six will never be seen by anyone." [Washington Blade]
  • Addressing the severe shortage of celebrity perfumes, Faith Hill is in talks with Coty. [WWD]
  • Ivanka Trump confirms our suspicions that she's rich, by premiering a jewelry line that ranges from $4,000 to $45,000. [WSJ]
  • Whether the Wintour rumors are founded or not, "Save Anna" gear is big for Christmas! [Racked]
  • Courteney Love's "shopping secrets" are disappointingly obvious. [ElleUK]
  • Liz Claiborne takes steps to retain executives. [WSJ]
  • Women keep clothes longer than their husbands - and sometimes longer than their marriages! [Telegraph]
  • Eileen Ford can't sell her mansion. [WSJ]
  • Courteney Cox is Avon's latest celeb spokesperson. [WWD]
  • Versace expands its glitzy empire to Vietnam. [New York]
  • The economy's loss is TJ Maxx's gain! “With department stores canceling orders, we’re getting additional brands. They have excess product. They know we pay our bills on time and we can’t return the product.” Have I mentioned how smart I find that 'how we get our cheap stuff' ad campaign is? [Fashionista]
  • Wait, Whitney Port doesn't really work in fashion? “Well, she just goes into the office to shoot scenes like she works there, like what they did on The Hills. Actually, it’s kind of sad. When they film her spots, they make the girls that actually work there move from their desks and into some cubicles in another part of the floor, because they’re actually working, but the camera people want Whitney and her on-screen work friend to look like they have real desks.” [Fashionista]


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