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Today's Wall Street Journal has a primer on New York socialites, for those of you who could never quite figure out how it was that you came to know names like Tory Burch, Tinsley Mortimer, Aerin Lauder, Fabiola Beracasa and/or Zani Gugelmann. The big takeaway of the story is supposed to be that today's socialites — unlike yesterday's socialites, who were comfortable raising money for worthy causes — are raising money for themselves, mainly via lucrative businesses working in the part of the fashion industry that depends on knowing the names of other socialites. You see, because women are so fucking liberated these days. But it's not all work and no workout!

Fabiola Beracasa, daughter of media heiress Veronica Hearst, proudly advertises her jewelry business, but she is better known for her ubiquitous party appearances and dance routines on bar banquettes.

When she recently published her schedule for a typical workday in Gotham magazine, the lineup included an hour in the morning with her personal trainer, a two-hour lunch at Manhattan's Le Bernardin, then a hair styling, dinner and a party.


Hmmm, what would you call a dude who lived a lifestyle like this? Oh yeah, a "slacker." Maybe the fabulous life of rich slackers can be Gotham's next big feature. I should totally go to work there.

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